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What exactly is a Short Sale?

Declining property values have left many homeowners owing more on their mortgage than the current market value of their property, as an Adjustable Rate Mortgage matures and begins to adjust coupled with the soaring costs of Property Taxes and Insurance; an alarming number of homeowners have been forced to simply walk away from their properties and enter the foreclosure process.

The “Short Sale” is a process by which a Lender approves the sale of a property at current or slightly below market value; when the market value is less than the mortgage amount owed to the Lender, avoiding costly foreclosures. This unfortunate circumstance has created considerable opportunities for investors and other buyers to profit from the current condition found in today’s market.

Short Sales offer troubled homeowners a way out of their mortgage without the severe negative impact of a foreclosure on their credit, as well as means for lenders to avoid the costly and lengthy foreclosure process while avoiding bad debt on the lenders financial statement.

While most Real Estate professionals avoid the complex Short Sale process, Our Short Sale Specialists have completed an extensive twelve month training course at a Real Estate University enabling us to successfully handle all aspects of a Short Sale. This training has given our team the expertise to successfully and consistently negotiate Short Sales yielding substantial discounts to investors while avoiding a foreclosure for the property owner.

Being in this unique position, Top Gun Brokers are well prepared to work with the client facing foreclosure and meet their need in a professional and efficient manner.

In the foreclosure process time is critical. Don’t delay! Avoid foreclosure now.

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