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West Miami Florida

The City of West Miami is a great place to purchase that new home you’ve been looking for.

West Miami is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. The area has many great features that make it a wonderful place to live or visit including parks for recreation, restaurants for dining out or staying in, and aquatic centers for swimming laps. All these features are easily accessible by car or public transportation making this ideal location to live!

Live the life you deserve in West Miami:

  • Beautiful beaches and Bay

    The region is located on the coast of Biscayne Bay. The area has fantastic views of Downtown Miami and beautiful beaches perfect for swimming or soaking up the sun, no matter what time of year!

    The city is close to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – South Beach. Its good location plus numerous canals that run throughout the city makes the area a popular place for people who enjoy fishing and boating.

  • Shopping Centers

    Plenty of shopping centers are within the region including many different department stores, clothing stores and so much more! You can find everything you need close to home and never leave West Miami! Some of the famous shopping points are Calle Ocho Shopping Center, Mall of Americas, and Dolphin Mall.

  • Public Transportation

    The community has a public transportation network that includes buses and trolley services. The trolleys can be boarded at the city hall and travel down to Biscayne Boulevard and throughout the city. There’s also an exclusive bus line for senior citizens which makes traveling very easy in this locality!

  • Park System

    One of the most important features of any city is a park system. West Miami has a sizable park system that includes picnic shelters, dog parks, and basketball courts! This park system is perfect for hosting picnics or a party while also a great place to take your furry friend on a walk.

  • Recreational Centers

    The territory has many recreational centers that include aquatic centers, tennis courts, and fitness centers. These facilities have swimming lessons, group yoga classes, and karate classes available!

  • Dining

    With many restaurants that include American, Chinese, Italian, and Cuban cuisine there’s something for everyone to enjoy! These restaurants can be found throughout West Miami making it easier than ever to find a new place to eat out with friends or family!

  • Special Events

    During the year there are many events hosted by West Miami including parades, festivals, and family days. There’s always something going on here so it’s perfect for families with children!

Why is The City of West Miami an ideal place for you?

  • Quality Education

    The zone is home to some of the best public and private schools in the United States. The location is known for its culture of academic excellence and encourages parents to educate their children. Several universities and colleges are located nearby.

  • Safe Environment:

    The region has low crime rates and the region has little to no gang activity. The environment here is safe and family-friendly for this reason.

  • Cultural Diversity

    Many different cultures are represented here which makes for a dynamic community full of culture, festivals, and traditions from all over the world! People from many backgrounds can find new homes here and have a new opportunity to start a fulfilling life.

  • Low cost of living:

    West Miami offers residents quality services at an affordable price. Buying a house in the city is affordable when compared to other parts of Florida. This can be attributed to the fact that West Miami provides services like garbage disposal, recycling, and waste management at an affordable rate for its residents.

  • Great opportunities for employment

    Several companies are located near this locality. This makes the city an ideal place for people seeking job opportunities. Residents can work in these companies, or start their own business after finding a suitable location due to the low cost of renting available commercial space in the area.

  • Accessible Medical Care:

    The region is home to several hospitals like Keralty Hospital, West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital, and many more. Residents of West Miami can access low-cost medical services and treatments at these hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Neighborhoods for all tastes and budgets

    The locale offers a wide range of neighborhoods to suit the housing preferences of its residents. It has affordable single-family homes in various parts of the city. The place also provides services like home security and landscaping that add value to its residents’ homes.

  • Close to airports and major roadways

    West Miami is located equidistant from two major airports; Miami International Airport and  Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. These airports connect it to other parts of the world.

    The region has numerous highways and expressways that provide residents with easy access to destinations throughout Florida and beyond. This makes it an ideal place for people who perform business travel regularly, as well as tourists who wish to explore different parts of Florida or even other states.

Last Words:

West Miami is the perfect place to live. Not only does it offer residents an affordable cost of living, but there are also many employment opportunities, access to quality education, and medical care. With easy transportation options available the area provides a comfortable location that’s close to everything you need!

The region is a great place to live if you value safety, education, and culture. Although public schools are free, the locality offers several private options as well. Some highly recommended schools in the area include Christopher Columbus High School, Mater Academy Charter High School, and Silver Bluff Elementary.

The place has the lowest cost of living in comparison to other cities in Florida. Residents receive quality services at an affordable rate which allows them to spend their money on more important things like feeding their family!

It is a great place for starting your business because many available commercial spaces are reasonably low in price. In addition, the region provides business owners with a variety of resources to help their company thrive including helpful government agencies, well-maintained streets and parks, and several well-educated workers who can bring your vision to life!

The territory is located near the Florida Turnpike making it very accessible no matter where you need to go! It also has several expressways which lead from the airport to the beach. This makes it perfect for those visiting family and friends in nearby suburbs as well as tourists who want to explore all parts of Florida!

The culture here helps everyone feel welcome by providing them with low-cost housing and offering unique neighborhoods in which to live. It is truly the perfect place to call home!

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